Gift Guide For Your Partner

So you're probably here because your girlfriend, fiance or wife pointed you to this page ;) Gentleman, I am here to help you pick the perfect gift for the Goddess in your life! We have a little something here for everyone.

Let's take a look!

Gift Guide For Your Partner

1. Sleep Mask | 2. Phone Ring Light | 3. Earrings | 4. Goddess Bath Salts | 5. Watch |
6. Necklace | 7. Wine Glasses | 8. Art Print | 9. Wrap Dress | 10. Robe | 11. Shoes


We're into the third week of our Gift Guide series and we're pretty excited about all the pieces we found!

We made sure to include a little something for every woman out there, whether your goddess loves to sleep (who doesn't?!), is a fashionista, wine lover, interior decorator, or if she loves soaking in the tub. We've got you covered!

Lace Canada Robe

Jillian Harris Saje Wellness Bath Salts

MVMT Marble Watch

Melanie Auld Moonstone Heart Necklace

There you have it! I hope you liked the suggestions and your partner does as well! If you have any other ideas you would like to share, please leave them in the comments!



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