Gift Guide For Mom's

Today is the official day to the start of our Holiday gift guides! Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing gift guides for mom's, girlfriends, sweet picks for your partner and stocking stuffers!

Let's take a look at our first one for moms!

Gift Guide For Moms

1. Bath Soak Trio | 2. Hair Scrunchie | 3. Candle | 4. Diffuser | 5. Magnesium Oil | 6. Earrings | 7. Blankets | 8. Scarf | 9. Diaper Bag/Purse | 10. Jacket

This is your first official reminder that Christmas is right around the corner! What better way to start our first gift guides than making sure the one who gave us life is taken care of.

We've made sure to include a little something for every mama out there, whether you're a fashionista, a hopeless romantic, a jewellery lover or if you're a mama who just wants to lock herself in the bathroom and have a nice little soak with bath salts in silence. We've got you covered!

Heated Moment Jacket

K Pure Naturals Bath Salt

Young Living Essentials Oils and Diffuser

Tofino Towel Blankets

Deluxe and Co Diaper Bags/Purse

Some of these items are staples in my day to day life such as the Wax Poetic Candles that I have lit on my desk every day and lit at night while I shower, Chelsea King Scrunchies and our Heated Moment Jacket from our Winter Collection that is soooo cozy!

If you're looking for some additional gift-giving ideas, stay tuned next week for our girlfriend series!



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