Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Today I’ll be showing you how I create my every day makeup look! When I’m not “bared faced Bella” and depending on the situation and how my day looks like, I plan my makeup according to one of the three tiers.

The first tier is very basic with no contouring and I use my tinted primer instead of foundation. The second tier is the tutorial I’m showing you guys today which is what I throw on if I’m going out to shop, eat, or go to the movies and even grocery shopping. The third tier is for special occasions or shoots. I’ll amp it up with eyeliner, heavier contouring and sometimes more eyeshadow.

In the video I'll be going over how to contour for round faces. To follow along and contour for your face shape, please save the image below.

how to contour for your face shape

 Click play to watch!

I hope you guys enjoyed watching my everyday makeup look and that it was informative and educational! If you have any tips or tricks of your own, please share them in the comments!



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